How to bring a girl to orgasm


Women often fake an orgasm so as not to offend their partner. This instruction will help to make moans sincere.

Forget the myths

The female orgasm is shrouded in myths. For example, that it has  dozens of species, or that without a member it is impossible. If you do not dwell on these misconceptions, then it will be much easier to achieve results.

Myth 1. The penis is the main tool for satisfying a woman.

You are probably used to thinking that the bigger the dick the better and the longer you last the more pleasure she will have. All this is a lie.

And here’s the truth. Researchers asked hundreds of women a direct question about what matters most to them during intercourse, and none of the participants mentioned penis size. Instead, women said they were crazy about men who care about their pleasure.

Myth 2. Good sex ends with a simultaneous orgasm.

This is how they show it in the movies: a man energetically enters a woman, and – yes, yes, more! They both experience fast and fabulous orgasms. In fact, simultaneous orgasms are a myth.

To bring your partner to maximum pleasure, you must be focused on her feelings, and to experience it yourself, completely immerse yourself in yours. As you can imagine, it’s hard to put it all together. A partner can experience pleasure both before you and after. And it is much more convenient than to achieve simultaneous discharge.

Myth 3. To achieve orgasm, women need intercourse.

Pleasure Point author Laurie Mintz says that only 15% of women can have an orgasm as a result of intercourse. The remaining 85% need clitoral stimulation.

The clitoris is the key to the female orgasm. This proves once again the fact that only 1.5% of women masturbate with an object in the vagina. Another 12% do the same, touching their clitoris at the same time. And the rest — a whopping 86.5% — get their pleasure solely through clitoral stimulation. So the main thing to remember is that frictions lead to orgasm for you, but not for your partner. Her pleasure point is her clitoris.

Prepare for the meeting

better orgasmSex begins long before penetration. So you need to prepare yourself and bring your partner into the right mood.

Find the clitoris

Oh horror, but according to Lori Mintz, 25% of men do not know where the clitoris is. Therefore, she recommends carefully studying anatomy and watching realistic (not cinematic) masturbation training videos on

Negotiate sex

It often happens that one partner wants to have sex, and the other wants to study for an exam, work, watch TV, or just go to bed early. Agree on an intimate adventure in advance – then the girl will be ready for what awaits her, and it will be easier for you to achieve your goal.

Get rid of stress

Stress reduces interest, and for almost everyone, it reduces the ability to enjoy. If your partner works from morning to night, pulls a mortgage and three children, is under constant stress, you can forget about an orgasm. Therefore, before you move on to sex, take 20 minutes or even an hour to relax in a comfortable environment.

Ask the girl what helps her recover. A bath, a walk, sports, cooking, intimate conversations, a glass of wine—anything as long as it works.

Create context

Women’s pleasure is closely related to the context – external circumstances and internal state. What exactly sets up a girl for sex depends on her. But usually the ideal context = low stress + admiration for a partner + erotic setting. So candles, music and your irresistible appearance will not be superfluous.

Get down to business

But don’t be in a hurry to get in.

Take time to warm up

Modern sex scenarios focus mainly on what you and your partner do between the legs, but most women need about 20 minutes of warm -up before starting this, so that the blood rushes to the genitals and the natural lubrication is released. Thanks to this, touch will bring pleasure, not pain.

Here are some ways to warm up:

  • Kiss each other on the lips – in all possible ways (softly, persistently, with the tongue, without it).
  • Kiss each other on the neck, ears and other parts of the face, while remaining dressed.
  • Stroke and caress each other through clothes.
  • Roll on the bed while still wearing your clothes.
  • Undress yourself or undress each other.
  • Stroke, kiss and caress your partner’s breasts.
  • Play with her nipples: gently roll them between your fingers, suck, pull or pinch if it turns her on.
  • Stroke and kiss each other’s naked bodies without staying anywhere for long. Many women say that they like it when a partner teases them for a while, touching their genitals, and then starting to caress again in other places.

You can also shower or bathe together, laugh, joke, and fool around. Show your imagination!

Take care of her clit

When both of you are warm enough, move on to clitoral stimulation. Do this for as long as it takes. In general, women need between 15 and 45 minutes to orgasm . An interesting statistic: if clitoral stimulation is given for 20 minutes or more, about 92% of women experience an orgasm.

Tip: Start by gently touching her clit and let her tell you when to push harder. The clitoris is a very delicate organ, so it’s better when she says “More” and not “Oh!”.

Find out what she likes

Women have different nerve endings. Therefore, there is no universal recipe for pleasure: everyone likes their own kind of touch.

To further complicate matters, we add that the stimulation a woman needs to have an orgasm can change at different times (for example, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle). So only one thing will help bring the girl to relaxation – the desire to listen to her and hear.

How to find out what a woman wants today? Here are three ways:

  1. Just ask . Conversations during sex are very short, but they can significantly affect the situation. For example, you will say: “Tell me what you like?”, or “I want you to tell me if this suits you”, or “I want to please you. Show that you enjoy it.”
  2. Let her fingers speak. Put your hand on top of the partner’s hand, giving her a signal: you want her to show what kind of touch she likes. When she does, follow her instructions (where, with what force, exactly how).
  3. Listen. Rapid breathing, intensifying groans and requests to continue usually tell you that you are going in the right direction. But if a girl does not show emotions, most likely something is wrong, but she is embarrassed to say so. In this case, go back to methods 1 and 2.

Experience an orgasm

You can first bring your partner to orgasm with clitoral stimulation, and then move on to sexual intercourse and get your portion of pleasure, or vice versa. Do not seek to experience an orgasm at the same time – remember that this is a myth. Moreover, it deprives the pleasure of watching and feeling the orgasm of a partner.

Enjoy a pleasant aftertaste

Couples who hug, talk, shower together, or otherwise interact with each other immediately afterwards report greater satisfaction with their sex life and relationships in general.

Be there

Many women after sex want to prolong intimacy: hug, chat, or just fall asleep together. Showing concern excites women much more than penis size and sophistication in love affairs. Remember this if you suddenly want to turn your back to the wall or reach for the phone to call a taxi.

Talk after sex

Many couples benefit from “processing the information received” immediately after sex. This will help make it better next time. Ask the girl what she liked the most and what could be even nicer. Just do not make claims: it is better to criticize behind the bedroom doors.