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6 Tips for Better Sleep – Why Your Mattress Plays A Vital Part


Today, majority of adults are sleep derived as they get less than the recommended 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Many people may think that sleep is a luxury and a barrier to becoming successful. What many don’t know is that lack of shut-eye over a long period of time can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and depression.


Did you know that one of the major causes of poor sleeping patterns is in your bedroom? Many people do not recognize the importance of a comfy mattress. In 2011, the National Sleep Foundation carried out a poll where it was revealed that 92% of the respondents say that a cooling mattress is vital for a good night sleep.


Here are 6 tips for better sleep.

comfortable mattress

Select the right mattress

It is common to find majority of mattresses being sold at the store with labels like “medium duty” or “heavy duty.” As a shopper, you get to test the mattress before you purchase it. When you have a chance to sleep on it, is it soft or hard? Selecting the wrong mattress will result in a few problems. In the morning, you will wake up with too much pressure around the sacrum, the shoulders and the back of the head. A medium firm mattress or firm mattress with a softer pillow top will do the trick. This will help you to breathe easier and even prevent night time heartburn. If you have allergies or asthma, consider buying a hypoallergenic mattress.


Avoid using your mattress as an office

It is quite convenient to carry your laptop, your smartphone and tablet to the bedroom. The one thing that people forget is that the bedroom should be reserved for sleep and sex. The light from the smart devices and computers is quite disruptive and even after you have shut them down, you will find that it is hard to fall asleep. Thoughts will start running through your head and before you know it, daylight is upon you and you have not slept even a wink.

Avoid using electronic gadgets when on your bed.


Have a regular sleep pattern

As a parent, this can be quite difficult to keep up especially if you have young children or a baby. This is because they can keep you waking up each time in order to tend to their needs. When you have a baby monitor close to you, it can also contribute to lack of sleep.

If you will be going to work, it’s best to hire a nanny who can assist you. Once you have done this, stick to a set sleep routine. This should also be the same for your children.


Clean your beddings regularly

There are microscopic creatures which can go unnoticed in the bedroom. They are known to feed on dead cells and breed fast too. Dust mites and bed bugs are pests that are a nuisance and furthermore, many people are allergic to the buggers. This is so especially for people with asthma.

In order to keep these pests away, you need to have your beddings cleaned regularly. This means your pillow cases and your sheets. Air the mattress too or you can vacuum it.


Use a leg pillow to ease back pain

During sleep, there are times when one will experience mild back pain. This is attributed to the way one is sleeping as well as lack of proper alignment between the legs and the hips. In case this happens, you will experience a little discomfort during sleep and it will disrupt your sleep making you to wake up at night. To prevent mild back pain, you need to use a leg pillow.

Place the pillow between your legs when you sleep to help align your lower back and your hips well.


Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed

Wine is a common fixture during dinner but the amount taken could disrupt your sleep. Caffeine on the other hand is designed to do just that – keep you awake longer and prevent sleep. The one thing you need to remember is that a good night sleep is only possible when you avoid caffeine and alcohol just before you sleep.

You can opt for warm milk or chamomile tea if you yearn for a drink before heading to bed.