How to bring a girl to orgasm


Women often fake an orgasm so as not to offend their partner. This instruction will help to make moans sincere.

Forget the myths

The female orgasm is shrouded in myths. For example, that it has  dozens of species, or that without a member it is impossible. If you do not dwell on these misconceptions, then it will be much easier to achieve results.

Myth 1. The penis is the main tool for satisfying a woman.

You are probably used to thinking that the bigger the dick the better and the longer you last the more pleasure she will have. All this is a lie.

And here’s the truth. Researchers asked hundreds of women a direct question about what matters most to them during intercourse, and none of the participants mentioned penis size. Instead, women said they were crazy about men who care about their pleasure.

Myth 2. Good sex ends with a simultaneous orgasm.

This is how they show it in the movies: a man energetically enters a woman, and – yes, yes, more! They both experience fast and fabulous orgasms. In fact, simultaneous orgasms are a myth.

To bring your partner to maximum pleasure, you must be focused on her feelings, and to experience it yourself, completely immerse yourself in yours. As you can imagine, it’s hard to put it all together. A partner can experience pleasure both before you and after. And it is much more convenient than to achieve simultaneous discharge.

Myth 3. To achieve orgasm, women need intercourse.

Pleasure Point author Laurie Mintz says that only 15% of women can have an orgasm as a result of intercourse. The remaining 85% need clitoral stimulation.

The clitoris is the key to the female orgasm. This proves once again the fact that only 1.5% of women masturbate with an object in the vagina. Another 12% do the same, touching their clitoris at the same time. And the rest — a whopping 86.5% — get their pleasure solely through clitoral stimulation. So the main thing to remember is that frictions lead to orgasm for you, but not for your partner. Her pleasure point is her clitoris.

Prepare for the meeting

better orgasmSex begins long before penetration. So you need to prepare yourself and bring your partner into the right mood.

Find the clitoris

Oh horror, but according to Lori Mintz, 25% of men do not know where the clitoris is. Therefore, she recommends carefully studying anatomy and watching realistic (not cinematic) masturbation training videos on

Negotiate sex

It often happens that one partner wants to have sex, and the other wants to study for an exam, work, watch TV, or just go to bed early. Agree on an intimate adventure in advance – then the girl will be ready for what awaits her, and it will be easier for you to achieve your goal.

Get rid of stress

Stress reduces interest, and for almost everyone, it reduces the ability to enjoy. If your partner works from Read the rest

How to understand that you no longer love a person

couple in the kissing rain

If partners do not want to spend time together, share emotions and have sex, perhaps one of them has fallen out of love with the other. It can be difficult and scary to realize this, but to tell a loved one about it is even scarier. Together with psychologist Iona Gusachenko, we figure out how love disappears, how to reflect on our experiences and whether it is possible to try to fall in love with a partner again.

There may be a feeling of emptiness, frustration, as well as irritation or even anger at your partner. When love ends, the idealization of a partner also ends. Love could smooth out conflicting moments or help find compromises. Without it, going towards each other becomes more difficult. We have to agree not so much on a sensual level as on an intellectual one.

In addition, when a person stops experiencing love, he can be scared and anxious. He may be tormented by questions about the future of relationships: “What next?”, “What should we do?” He may worry that he must make a decision that will affect the couple.

How our behavior changes when we no longer love

  • We begin to avoid emotional intimacy. It becomes difficult to open up to a partner, share experiences with him, gain joint experience. But there may be a desire to share experiences and gain experience with other people.
  • We want less physical contact. I don’t want to hug and kiss a partner, sleep with him in the same bed, be together in the same room or even an apartment. There may be a desire to leave home, to interact less with a partner.
  • We rarely have sex. When the feelings pass, people may have less sex or not want it at all. However, there are many reasons why you do not want to have sex , it’s not always about love. For example, after years of relationship, sex may occur less frequently than at the beginning of the relationship. This is a normal situation, and if it bothers you, then you can contact a sexologist.
  • We get irritated by the usual things . Rituals and traditions, like going to the theater or movies on the weekends, can get annoying. I want to ignore them or completely stop participating in them.
  • We focus on the weaknesses of the partner. What once seemed insignificant can become unbearable.

How to deal with your feelings for your partner

  • If you are in doubt whether you love your partner or not, then first determine what love means to you. Think about how you feel when you love someone, what you do with it, how you show your feelings. You can say it to yourself, write or draw.
  • Then try to understand how you feel about your partner. Reflect and fix what emotions and feelings he evokes in you, how you are now behaving with him, how you show your feelings.
  • Match your ideas of love with what you feel for your
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Nurturing the Flame: Building and Sustaining Romantic Relationships

romantic couple

Romantic relationships are beautiful and complex bonds that have the power to bring joy, fulfillment, and growth to our lives. They offer a unique opportunity for emotional connection, intimacy, and shared experiences. In this article, we will explore the key elements that contribute to the success and longevity of romantic relationships, including effective communication, trust, emotional support, and continuous growth.

Effective Communication

Communication forms the foundation of any healthy romantic relationship. Open and honest dialogue allows partners to express their needs, desires, and concerns while fostering understanding and empathy. Active listening, expressing appreciation, and resolving conflicts constructively are vital components of effective communication. By creating a safe space for open dialogue, partners can cultivate a deep sense of connection and intimacy.

Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of a strong and resilient romantic relationship. Trust develops over time through consistent actions, honesty, and reliability. It requires vulnerability and a commitment to open communication. Building trust involves being accountable for one’s actions, respecting boundaries, and maintaining confidentiality. When trust is nurtured and honored, it forms a solid foundation upon which the relationship can thrive.

Emotional Support

Emotional support is essential in sustaining a healthy romantic relationship. It involves being there for each other through both joys and challenges. Offering a listening ear, providing empathy, and showing understanding during difficult times create a sense of security and comfort. Emotional support also includes celebrating each other’s successes, being a source of encouragement, and fostering a nurturing environment where both partners can express their emotions freely.

Shared Values and Goals

Aligning values and goals is crucial for long-term relationship compatibility. Sharing core beliefs, dreams, and aspirations strengthens the foundation of the relationship. When partners have similar values, they can work together towards common goals, building a sense of unity and shared purpose. This alignment helps create a strong sense of partnership and contributes to the growth and fulfillment of both individuals.

Individual Growth and Autonomy

While being in a romantic relationship involves a deep connection, it is equally important for individuals to maintain their sense of identity and pursue personal growth. Supporting each other’s individual interests, aspirations, and personal development fosters a healthy and balanced dynamic. Encouraging personal growth allows partners to bring their best selves into the relationship, fostering mutual admiration and respect.

Quality Time and Intimacy

Spending quality time together and nurturing physical and emotional intimacy are vital for a thriving romantic relationship. Carving out dedicated time for shared activities, meaningful conversations, and romantic gestures strengthens the bond between partners. Intimacy encompasses emotional closeness, physical affection, and sexual connection. Cultivating intimacy requires attentiveness, understanding, and a willingness to explore each other’s needs and desires.

Romantic relationships are dynamic journeys that require ongoing effort, commitment, and understanding. By fostering effective communication, building trust, providing emotional support, and maintaining a balance between individual growth and togetherness, couples can nurture strong and lasting connections. Cultivating shared values, spending quality time together, and embracing intimacy contribute to the richness and fulfillment of romantic relationships. With … Read the rest

Жени след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим ме научи как да целувам по много по-добър метод

lazerno premahvane na tatuirovki i permanenten grim Sofia

Всички хора обичат да целуват зашеметяващите си партньорки, а аз не съм по-различен от другите мъже. По същия начин изпитвам голямо удовлетворение, когато целувам партньорката си, но за съжаление моите партньорки никога не получиха същото усещане с целувката ми. Не бях сигурен защо партньорките ми никога не харесват, когато ги целувам, затова когато попитах фактора и те ми казаха, че трябва да науча по-добрия метод за целувка. Моят партньор ме информира, че не знам как да целуна по-добър начин и ако мога да го науча по подходящ начин, тя също ще подобри усещанията с него.

Въпреки че получих тази препоръка от моята партньорка, но нямах представа как да се целуна по много по-добър начин, поради което търсех някои методи за това. В този проблем се разделих с партньорката си и се срещнах с жена в София и Варна. Когато излизах с жени след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим, тогава очаквах само някои много по-добри чувства от тях. По това време никога не съм знаел, че жени след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим може да ме научат как да целувам жена по много по-добър начин, но изненадващо получих това разбиране и от тях.

Наистина, когато се срещах с жени след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим от женски пол, тогава тя попита за любимата ми и аз открито споделих каквото и да било. Информирах я, че никога не е харесвала целувките ми и винаги ме е молила да разбера по-добрия метод за целувка. По същия начин споделих усилията си, които се опитах да разбера, за да повиша целуващите си умения, но нито една от тези техники или усилия не бяха ценни за мен и не успях да получа много по-добър опит в това. В резултат на това се разделих с приятелката си и споделих същото с моите жени след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим партньор.

super gadje ot SofiaКогато моите евтини и горещи Красиви момичета чуха проблема ми, тя ме информира, че може да ми помогне в това конкретно изискване. Жената след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим момичето заяви, че знае някои предложения да се целува по много по-добър начин и е готова да ме научи на тези идеи. И няма нужда да обсъждам това, че тя сподели всички онези неща, които е научила за целувката и когато открих тези идеи, тогава разбрах, че тези идеи са по-добри от всяка една идея, която получих преди.

Сега знам как да целуна прекрасна жена по много по-добър начин и благодаря за това на жени след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим за това. По същия начин съм много благодарен, тъй като момичето, което ми даде идея, произхожда от Кирчева Бюти и без нейната помощ би било невъзможно да науча всички тези предложения. И ако вярвате, че само аз или жената след лазерно премахване на татуировки и перманентен грим заявява това за целувката ми, тогава грешите, тъй като приятелката ми също вярва, че сега мога да се целувам по много по-добър метод в сравнение с предишния … Read the rest

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I just enjoy to date sexy Heathrow escorts due to my very own factors

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